Pilotka: Russian Army foldable side cap

Pilotka a field service hat worn by soldiers and officers.
In the US Army pilotka is called Garrison Cap.
This pilotka is made out of 50% wool, 50 % cotton and has cotton lining inside.
Side flaps drop down to provide protection from wind, moisture and cold.
Pilotka is great at repelling water and will keep your head warm, even when the ear flaps are unfolded.
Pilotka hat with no stripes, belongs to the basic GI unit of the Red Army Infantry.
These caps are dated anywhere between early 60s to late 80s.
Unissued military stock (NS) condition.

In Russia side caps were first implemented in the doors of WW2, when budenovka hats were substituted by pilotka.
Usually pilotka is made out of cotton with stripes and insignia that distinguish to which military branch the piece belongs.

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Pilotka cap
Pilotka hat
Pilotka hat
Unfolded pilotka
Pilotka production stamp